Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birthday Tea Party

Last week I went to visit my best friend Katti and we celebrated her birthday together. We had been planning her birthday get-together for a while now, and it was a relief that we could actually make the day a possibility. We celebrated her birthday by drinking tea, eating cookies, watching 'Sense and Sensibility' and roaming around in her yard. It was all a lot of fun. We had planned a Regency era themed party, but because I didn't have anything Regency-ish in my closet, I just wore lolita...

Katti appears to have floated out of a Jane Austen
novel and no one noticed! 

She and her mother worked hard on creating a Regency inspired dress especially for the occasion. The dress had a beautiful print of flowers on it and Katti looked so elegant in it... When she moved the dress flowed around her in a kind of romantic way that you only see in movies. I'm hoping that Katti will write a post about the dress on her blog. If she ever does, I will make sure to include the link, but until then you only get a teaser photo! The dress really is lovely and I hope she makes a blog post about it soon...

A tray of delightful things.

Here are the cookies that we made... that were quickly gobbled up. They were so good! However, I ate more of them than she did. The glass tea pot was borrowed from her mother and the cups were from Katti's awesome tea cup stash. If you look very closely you can see the long mono-cookie on the right that I named 'Cookie Finger' since that's what it looked like. I can't remember the flavor of the tea exactly, but I think it was vanilla and raspberry... Whatever it was, it was delicious!


Here is what I wore... I was going for a 'Victorian girl' look with this outfit. However, I really wished that I had something that fit the theme of the party... It would have been more fun if we matched... I'll have to look into finding some Regency era things in the future. 

Dress: Millefleurs
Cutsew: Taobao
Everything else: Off-brand
...No shoes because I was inside

...It's kind of rare that I show my face because I'm usually doing something dumb with it... I'm mad that I blinked my eyes in this photo. I'm wearing a deflated petticoat because I just wanted a minimum amount of poof for this outfit. Also, I just like being able to move around...

I think tasseography is interesting and fun and so when Katti and I drink tea I almost always want to read our tea leaves. We sort of finished the party with a really un-professional tea leaf reading. Katti had a lot of lucky symbols and I almost always get a depressing cup... nothing about love. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. When I read my own leaves that's what I always look for, but I guess no one wants to love me. According to the tea leaves I'm going to be doing some questing for knowledge soon, or something like that, so maybe I'm going to fall in love with a dictionary, or something. Or a thesaurus. 

Yay! I hope this blog post was enjoyable! I hope you have a wonderful week! 

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