Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gallery Goers

My best friend in all of her mori girl glory.

My best friend and I decided to go to the student art show that was coupled with the Gabrielle Wu Lee exhibit a while back. Both the exhibit and show were quite an experience and I was glad that we decided to go instead of being lazy and rolling around the apartment in our pajamas. We also decided to dress up, she as a mori girl and I as a lolita. Overall, the night was spectacular and we had a lot of fun.

Who are these nerds?

I have to say that like all other art, the art of Gabrielle Wu Lee can only be appreciated fully when seen in person. Her paintings were layers upon layers of paint that were dripped and poured to create these luscious textures and beautiful swirls of sometimes almost transparent color. Now some photos of the student artwork...

A very intricate installation on the wall... I think there was a bird or deer in there somewhere...

There were about five of these miniature rooms that could be viewed through a peep-hole.

When these melted they revealed pictures...
 I love the student art shows because they reveal so much about the talent of the students here. Out of all of the work I think my favorite was this sculpture that one of the students did. When my friend and I walked into the gallery I actually thought this was a real person perched on the display, but no, it's just a wonderfully rendered piece of work. I don't think I'm deep enough to understand such a conceptual piece, but I surely do admire the craftsmanship.

 I'm sorry that I didn't document the names of the artists. If you are interested in knowing who did a particular piece, please let me know and I'll try to find out. There was a lot more artwork, but if I included photo's of all of the artwork the blog post would get really long.

I guess this wouldn't be a post without my typical outfit snap, so here goes:

Blouse: Forever 21
Shoes and Socks: Off-brand
Jumperskirt: Innocent World
Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed the post!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lolita Wishlist

I'm a little bored so I thought I should finally make my lolita wishlist. As of now, I'm pretty content with my lolita wardrobe. There are a few staple items that I'm still in need of, but as far as dream items go, I don't have any at the moment. I thought I'd make a record of items that I would like to have and hopefully I'll be able to acquire some of them in the future...

Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Name: Babydoll Blouse with Detachable Sleeves

A Detachable Sleeve Blouse
Believe it or not, I don't own a white lolita blouse, which is somewhat of a staple lolitta item. What I like about these blouses is that instead of having to buy a long sleeved blouse and a short sleeved blouse, this one item can function as both since the longer sleeves can be removed. Plus, they are so darn cute!!! I've always been a sucker for wide, lace-festooned peter pan collars.

Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Name: Ekaterina JSK

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Jumperskirt
The above stock photo is actually just an example, I'd just love to have any black jumperskirt from this brand. I actually have one jumperskirt by this brand, but it's black with white lace. It's cute, but I think I'll probably trade it or sell it in order to get a full black jumperskirt.

Brand: Innocent World
Name: English Rose JSK

Another Longer Length Jumperskirt
I would definitely like to own more longer length Innocent World jumperskirts. I only have one longer length jumperskirt, Innocent World's Pietro Angel Jumperskirt, but I love it to death. The longer length jumperskirts just look so elegant and I hope Innocent World's owner Yumi Fujiwara designs more of them!

Brand: Innocent World
Name: Torchon Lace Overknee Socks

Black Lace Topped Socks
I remember wanting a pair of lace topped socks ever since I got into lolita. For this sort of item, I don't think buying from a major brand actually matters and I've even seen cute lace topped socks being sold on Taobao and Bodyline.

Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Name: Frill & Lace Umbrella

A Black Parasol
A pretty parasol that keeps you shaded in the sun and even dry during the rain is an item I would splurge on if I could at the moment. Baby makes such pretty ones.

Good-bye for now! I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Cold Weather

It's been getting a little cooler so I've been trying to think if creative ways to layer my clothing. I purchased an underskirt from Taobao last year that I've been neglecting to wear so I decided to use it in today's lolita coordinate. It's hard to see, but the underskirt is just long enough for the ruffles to peek out from behind the hem of the jumperskirt.

Jumperskirt and shoes: Innocent World
Underskirt: Taobao
Socks: Metamorphose
Blouse: SM2
Purse: Off-brand

A better photo of the ruffles...

This isn't really a review since I can't even remember what the name of the store that I purchased this from was, but if you see something similar on Taobao and you are looking for a good underskirt maybe you'll consider purchasing it. The best part is that the underskirt is so fluffy that I didn't have to wear a petticoat since it gave my jumperskirt a subtle amount of poof. Speaking of the jumperskirt, it's Innocent World's Pietro Angel Jumperskirt. I did some research and found out that Pietro is the Greek form of the name Peter and as a boy's name is a variant of the Spanish or Portuguese name Pedro... so technically you could call it the Peter Jumperskirt... or Pedro Jumperskirt...

Sorry, I can't remember the name!!!
But here is what it looks like...

I actually don't have any ideas for future blog posts, which is why I'm doing my usual 'outfit I wore today' post. In the future I'll try to be more creative, but thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!