Friday, December 13, 2013

Mori Girl and Lolita Coordinates!

It was stressful, but exam week is finally over! My last exam was on Thursday, so today I got some well deserved rest. Well, I still had to wake up early in order to visit an adviser to find out what I needed to do to prepare for next semester, but other than that I relaxed. I didn't meet my goal of dressing up at least three times in mori girl, but when I went to see my adviser I put on the frills. The weather has been so cool lately, it's nice to finally be able to wear long sleeves for a change. It's the Pietro Angel Jumperskirt again, I'm sorry if you are getting tired of it; I just love it so much!

Cutsew: Taobao
Jumperskirt: Innocent World
Shoes and Socks: Off-brand
Headdress: Bodyline
Necklace: Claire's

There is a close up of the lace on the cutsew.
These aren't recent outfits, but I guess they are worth sharing. Up until now I've been lazy so I never posted them. I wore this outfit last month when my dad came over to visit me...

Skirt: Taobao
Shoes and Socks: Off-brand
Blouse: Forever 21
Purse and flower clip: Claire's

I'm pretty sure I wore this outfit to class, but I can't remember when... It's really plain, but it was comfortable.

Cutsew: SM2
Skirt: Taobao
Socks and Shoes: Off-brand
Necklace: Claire's

I really hope that you enjoyed the blog post. I never really know what to write about so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Bye-bye!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Paper Goods

In the midst of final exam madness I thought I'd make a quick post. I've been working on a few paintings for class that are meant to be viewed as a series. Each painting will be of a girl in a yellow dress with stars included somewhere in the painting. In the particular painting below, the girl has stars in her hair.

I have a lot of junk.

Text: Evening star, where art thou?

I also made a few purchases. From the EGL Community Sales I purchased some Imai Kira stationary. I also purchased some Paper Doll Mate stickers and bookmarks from Etsy. I'm probably going to slip some of those bookmarks into some of the Christmas cards I'm making this year. I thought Paper Doll Mate goods would be hard to find, but there are quite a plethora of related goods that can be found on Etsy. Just type 'Paper Doll Mate' into the search bar.

They give off such a nostalgic, sentimental feeling.
So cute! I love Imai Kira's art.

This week my goal is to wear mori girl at least three times, so expect a post on that in the future! Okay, I'm off to go study! Good-bye for now!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gallery Goers

My best friend in all of her mori girl glory.

My best friend and I decided to go to the student art show that was coupled with the Gabrielle Wu Lee exhibit a while back. Both the exhibit and show were quite an experience and I was glad that we decided to go instead of being lazy and rolling around the apartment in our pajamas. We also decided to dress up, she as a mori girl and I as a lolita. Overall, the night was spectacular and we had a lot of fun.

Who are these nerds?

I have to say that like all other art, the art of Gabrielle Wu Lee can only be appreciated fully when seen in person. Her paintings were layers upon layers of paint that were dripped and poured to create these luscious textures and beautiful swirls of sometimes almost transparent color. Now some photos of the student artwork...

A very intricate installation on the wall... I think there was a bird or deer in there somewhere...

There were about five of these miniature rooms that could be viewed through a peep-hole.

When these melted they revealed pictures...
 I love the student art shows because they reveal so much about the talent of the students here. Out of all of the work I think my favorite was this sculpture that one of the students did. When my friend and I walked into the gallery I actually thought this was a real person perched on the display, but no, it's just a wonderfully rendered piece of work. I don't think I'm deep enough to understand such a conceptual piece, but I surely do admire the craftsmanship.

 I'm sorry that I didn't document the names of the artists. If you are interested in knowing who did a particular piece, please let me know and I'll try to find out. There was a lot more artwork, but if I included photo's of all of the artwork the blog post would get really long.

I guess this wouldn't be a post without my typical outfit snap, so here goes:

Blouse: Forever 21
Shoes and Socks: Off-brand
Jumperskirt: Innocent World
Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed the post!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lolita Wishlist

I'm a little bored so I thought I should finally make my lolita wishlist. As of now, I'm pretty content with my lolita wardrobe. There are a few staple items that I'm still in need of, but as far as dream items go, I don't have any at the moment. I thought I'd make a record of items that I would like to have and hopefully I'll be able to acquire some of them in the future...

Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Name: Babydoll Blouse with Detachable Sleeves

A Detachable Sleeve Blouse
Believe it or not, I don't own a white lolita blouse, which is somewhat of a staple lolitta item. What I like about these blouses is that instead of having to buy a long sleeved blouse and a short sleeved blouse, this one item can function as both since the longer sleeves can be removed. Plus, they are so darn cute!!! I've always been a sucker for wide, lace-festooned peter pan collars.

Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Name: Ekaterina JSK

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Jumperskirt
The above stock photo is actually just an example, I'd just love to have any black jumperskirt from this brand. I actually have one jumperskirt by this brand, but it's black with white lace. It's cute, but I think I'll probably trade it or sell it in order to get a full black jumperskirt.

Brand: Innocent World
Name: English Rose JSK

Another Longer Length Jumperskirt
I would definitely like to own more longer length Innocent World jumperskirts. I only have one longer length jumperskirt, Innocent World's Pietro Angel Jumperskirt, but I love it to death. The longer length jumperskirts just look so elegant and I hope Innocent World's owner Yumi Fujiwara designs more of them!

Brand: Innocent World
Name: Torchon Lace Overknee Socks

Black Lace Topped Socks
I remember wanting a pair of lace topped socks ever since I got into lolita. For this sort of item, I don't think buying from a major brand actually matters and I've even seen cute lace topped socks being sold on Taobao and Bodyline.

Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Name: Frill & Lace Umbrella

A Black Parasol
A pretty parasol that keeps you shaded in the sun and even dry during the rain is an item I would splurge on if I could at the moment. Baby makes such pretty ones.

Good-bye for now! I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Cold Weather

It's been getting a little cooler so I've been trying to think if creative ways to layer my clothing. I purchased an underskirt from Taobao last year that I've been neglecting to wear so I decided to use it in today's lolita coordinate. It's hard to see, but the underskirt is just long enough for the ruffles to peek out from behind the hem of the jumperskirt.

Jumperskirt and shoes: Innocent World
Underskirt: Taobao
Socks: Metamorphose
Blouse: SM2
Purse: Off-brand

A better photo of the ruffles...

This isn't really a review since I can't even remember what the name of the store that I purchased this from was, but if you see something similar on Taobao and you are looking for a good underskirt maybe you'll consider purchasing it. The best part is that the underskirt is so fluffy that I didn't have to wear a petticoat since it gave my jumperskirt a subtle amount of poof. Speaking of the jumperskirt, it's Innocent World's Pietro Angel Jumperskirt. I did some research and found out that Pietro is the Greek form of the name Peter and as a boy's name is a variant of the Spanish or Portuguese name Pedro... so technically you could call it the Peter Jumperskirt... or Pedro Jumperskirt...

Sorry, I can't remember the name!!!
But here is what it looks like...

I actually don't have any ideas for future blog posts, which is why I'm doing my usual 'outfit I wore today' post. In the future I'll try to be more creative, but thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Digital Chocolate Camera Review

A while ago, I ordered a toy digital camera shaped like a chocolate bar from an online shop called the Four Corner Store. Up until now, I had never used it, but I thought I'd play around with it today. As of today, the white chocolate camera is still on sale for a pretty low price.

It's sweet enough to eat!
...but you probably shouldn't.

For a toy camera, it takes pretty good photographs! The lens is plastic so it gives each photograph a sort of hazy feeling, but I love the way this looks and what it does to the colors. I'm pretty happy with most of the photos I took today. The only downside is that the camera can only take twenty-five photographs at a time. Also, I found out that most of my best looking photos were taken in areas where it was very bright. Here are some of the photos that I took today.

So what do you think? I'll definitely use the camera again the next time it's really sunny outside. It was so much fun to use and the world looks so different behind that tiny plastic lens!

Thank you for looking and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Neglecting Mori Girl

I've been unable to write in my blog because I've been busy with school, but I haven't forgotten about you all! I recently dressed in mori girl today for the first time this month and I thought I'd share a coordinate with you all. I really do miss wearing it, but because of my painting classes I can't dress up often for fear of messing up my clothing. I'm sorry for the horrible picture, my hair was such a  mess today.

Dress and skirt: Taobao
Shoes: Xappeal

Lately I've been wanting to change my style from mori girl to 'dark' mori girl. It just seems so mysterious. When I think of dark mori girl I always think of a maiden who lives deep in the forest, but is not afraid of the menacing trees or creeping creatures that may dwell there. She might live in solitude, so she can practice her magic alone and she might spend her days making candles, talking to goblins and other fairy-folk, collecting herbs and taming ravens. Her nights would be spent siting in front of a warm crackling fire in an open fireplace, reading weathered, old tomes of magic or Grimm's Fairy Tales. Of course, I am not even close to this mysterious maiden that I perceive, but I do love the image.

Please forgive me for being such a horrible blogger! I promise to make the next post a thousand times more interesting. Thank you for looking!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Farewell, Viennese Waltz!

Innocent World's Viennese Waltz Scallop Jumperskirt.

I had to sell one of my favorite lolita jumperskirts, but before I sold it I dressed up in it one last time. It is such a cute jumperskirt, the print features waltzing frogs, a little king and queen, animal musicians, Humpty Dumpty and it has purple flowers and rows of clovers. It is very fairy tale inspired. I had to part with it because I never had many opportunities to wear it and it is so fancy that it deserves to be worn. I sold it to a girl who lives in Germany and I hope that she likes it!

Blouse: Forever 21
Jumperskirt: Innocent World
Hat and tights: Claire's
Shoes: Lovely Shoes

The back...

In other news, I was recently hired at a place I worked at a year ago so I've been a little busy working. However, I've been sketching whenever I can so expect that aforementioned art post sometime in the future! Until then, I will leave you with a small preview of my sketchbook:

I know my blog is boring and I don't have many followers, but I am thankful for all the comments and kind words that I get! Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Instant Flan

I've been pretty busy with school, but there are only a week and two days until classes end and then I'll finally be free for the summer. I know I said that I would do an art post, but in all honesty I haven't had the time to create anything. Also, no one probably noticed, but I made some changes to the blog. I'm still not satisfied so there will probably be more changes in the future.

My first flan among the toys in my room...

Last week I made flan! Not the most exciting news, especially since the flan was instant and not homemade. I liked it, it was very sweet, the caramel sauce was yummy and the texture was very smooth... but I really need to get around to trying the real thing! I have never had authentic flan before. Last week I also dressed up since I hadn't done it in a while. I tried for a look along the lines of 'dark mori girl', but it kind of looks like I'm a grandmother who just went to the funeral of her favorite cat.

Blouse and Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Etsy
Everything else: Off brand

A close up of the necklace.
It's an Edgar Allan Poe perfume locket!

Well, that's all for now! Thank you for reading and I promise to start working on some drawings as soon as I'm done with school! Until then, wish me luck!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

International Lolita Day- Summer 2013

Today is International Lolita Day! Some of the local lolitas in my area had a very small, mini meet-up to celebrate. A lot of the lolitas couldn't be in attendance because they were going to a convention this weekend, so it was just two lolitas and myself. Even with the small amount of people in attendance, we still had fun! Here is what I wore:

Jumperskirt, blouse and headbow: Bodyline
Purse and Accessories: Off brand
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Innocent World

After eating frozen yogurt and drinking bubble tea, we took some pictures. It was honestly too hot to stay outside for very long, but we managed to tough it out and take some really lovely photographs. Below is my favorite out of all of the group photos and a picture of our smooshed dresses!

A sweet lolita, and a casual cutie! Also, me trying for a sweet/classic look.

Smoosh, smoosh!

Did anyone else celebrate International Lolita Day? If so I'd love to hear about it! Also, I'm getting a little bored with how wardrobe focused the blog is getting, so I'd really like to do an art post next!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gothic Lolita Saturday

Today I dressed up in lolita to do some errands and turn in a job application to a store that sells punk and gothic clothing. With the headdress the outfit looks very old school gothic lolita. Right now I'm looking for a job, but I'm not having any luck with it. I had two part time jobs last year, one at a library and another job at a frozen yogurt place. I got accustomed to working and now that I don't work I feel so lazy. I hope I get hired somewhere soon, I want to feel useful again.

Cross Necklace: A gift from a friend!
Dress, headdress and socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Off brand

Here is a better picture of the headdress that I was wearing. Bodyline really does make some nice things sometimes! It originally came with satin bows at the end, but I didn't like them so I replaced them with rose hair clips.

The lace is nice too!

After I finished doing errands I went into a toy store that was having a sale. Everything was 50% off--- I mean literally everything and there were kids running around that place like wild animals. I purchased some Calico Critters and two Hello Kitty gel pens and ran out of there before I could throw any more money at that place. I really wanted to get more Calico Critters since they were only 11 USD, but I couldn't because I'm on a stupid budget now. Hnnng... I need a job.

I got the Hopscotch Rabbit Family! Aren't they cute?

So that's all for now, I guess! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mori Girl Coordinates

Nothing much has been going on besides school, but I wanted to share a few mori girl coordinates that I created with one of my favorite blouses.

Blouse: Secondhand
Skirt: Taobao
Shoes: Traffic
Socks: Tutuanna

The bag and flower hair clips I wore were from Claire's.

The blouse is a little big on me, but it fits the mori girl aesthetic so well that I don't mind. Here is another outfit with the same blouse and my beloved, lavender apron dress! Sorry for not taking a picture showing the shoes. I was so lazy that I didn't want to get them out until I needed to wear them.

Blouse: Secondhand
Apron Dress: Taobao (Crisp??)
Socks and Bag: Claire's

Recently I participated in an art swap at school. Because I didn't know about it until the last minute I doodled and painted something quickly because I really wanted to be involved. It's a bit snarky, but I guess I like it. I traded it for a screen print.

Pen and cheap watercolor paint.

Right now I'm in love with sailor schoolgirl uniforms, especially the old fashioned ones with the longer skirts and dark colors. I ordered a more modern looking one from Bodyline about a week ago, but more about that later!

Thanks for reading!