Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ordering From Millefleurs (For Overseas Buyers) & Review

So, I purchased a dress from the lolita web-store called  Millefleurs Noirs. It seems like Millefleurs might be a lesser known lolita store, or perhaps just not a major brand store, but they sell many classic and gothic lolita style clothes as well as some aristocrat items that all look to be very good quality. Because the items are from Japan and part of a niche fashion with items in limited quantity, what they do sell is on the expensive side. However, from what I can see, Millefleurs does sometimes have sales and the particular dress I ordered was 30% off. 

Here is the stock photo
from the website.

The dress itself is very well made and made out of soft cotton. It came with two detachable bows and the back has corset lacing. The only complaint is that the dress isn't quite the same color as the stock photo. In the stock photo the dress seems a little darker, but that could just be me or certain settings on my computer. The dress is still really pretty and I'm happy with it. Here are some photos:

To order from Millefleurs you can contact them directly through their website through their contact form; you can also find the link to their contact form through their website. You might want to fill out the following information in the body of the contact form if you will be ordering from them:

Product Information:
Product number or web site URL: 
Product Price:

Your Information:

Shipping address:
Your Name:
Phone Number:
Paypal address:

Filling out this information will help the staff process your order a little faster. Also, after filling out the information it took two days for them to respond and they invoiced me through Paypal. I'm not sure if the staff is consistent when responding to e-mails, but I think in six or seven days if they have not responded, you might need to send another message to make sure that they got it. It is possible to send an email ad I think their e-mail. I think this is their e-mail address: milleinfo [at] millefleurs-noirs [dot] com.

Dress: Millefleurs
Stockings: Bodyline
Shoes: Innocent World
Everything else: Off-brand

I wore the dress today and I really think it looks nice. The length is a little past my knees, which is sort of how I prefer my lolita dresses to be. I have weird knees. This is now one of my best dresses and I can't wait to wear it again! If you are thinking about ordering from them and need help in any way, I'll try to help however I can. Also, their ordering process may change at any given time and the information in this blog post may not always be accurate. This is only what I could glean from my own personal experiences at the time when I ordered.

Thank you for reading!

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